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Coach Charter Europe Blog

Public Transport - Future Mobility

How is individual mobility changing in rural areas and in the countryside?

September 09, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogFor the longest time, the main problem that has affected communities and individuals in rural areas is means of transportation. Rural areas have always been characterized by dispersed human settlement structures and low population density. Have these factors contributed to the issue of mobility in rural areas over the past years? Yes, they have. However, if you are keen, then you will notice that there has been a continuous change in human settlement and population density.

Air Conditioning - Sustainability - Climate Friendly

Trains, Planes, Automobiles - Buses Are Better

July 01, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogHave you ever wondered why so many people go on bus charter tours for their holidays? Well, truth be told there are many reasons, but one of the most frequent reasons that are used is convenience and comfort. Many travelers enjoy the freedom that a bus charter or coach tour gives them. They also appreciate the fact that these bus tours are often a far more environmentally friendly means of transportation.

Coach Driver - Bus Driver - Public transport

Coach Driving safety training

June 02, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogIt is a fact that sudden Extreme situations during any time a vehicle is in traffic could happen. Therefore, coach captains must be trained frequently in order to help them keep a cool head in the event of an actual accident, and to safely navigate the bus through any dangerous situation to keep bus and passengers safe at all times. Regular modular training courses are mandatory for every bus driver for these important reasons.

Electric Bus - Electric Mobility - Europe - Volvo - Mercedes Benz

The Current State Of e-Mobility For Long Distance Coaches in Europe

May 04, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogLong-distance traveling is often a tedious experience, and for the longest time, most people have preferred using planes or trains because, compared to buses and coaches, they take less time. However, some still prefer coaches because of their inexpensiveness. The world is moving with technological trends, and so are we. The transport industry is not left behind. There are now long-distance electric coaches that offer more than cost-effectiveness. They provide comfort, with enticing services like free Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and toilets, to ensure that your trip across Europe is one you can remember fondly.

Corona Test Bus - Mobile Corona Test Center - Luchow-Dannenberg - Wendland - MAN - Public transport

Mobile Test Center drives through the district and is available for companies

April 09, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogThe mobile corona test center offered by two Lüchow-Dannenberg family businesses will stop in several locations in the Lüchow-Dannenberg district starting from April 12, 2021.

Corona Test Bus - Mobile Corona Test Center - Luchow-Dannenberg - Wendland - MAN - Public transport

New Corona test bus for Luchow-Dannenberg: Irro and Adler Pharmacy Clenze are offering now a mobile test center.

March 18, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogTwo family businesses from Luchow, Germany, are joining forces and doing their part to help eradicate the pandemic as quickly as possible. Irro and the Clenzer Adler Pharmacy have converted one bus to become the mobile Corona Test Center.

Electric mobility - Electric bus - Europe - Public transport - Volvo - Mercedes Benz - MAN - Tesla

E-Mobility in Europe - What Does it Mean for the Public Transportation Industry?

February 24, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogThe world is turning to electric vehicles for transport. This has been the trend for some time now. We have all seen a Tesla or other electric vehicle share the roadways where ever travel, but what about public transport? With all the activity around the personal use of electric vehicles, one might be surprised at the progress made in the public transport sector.

Covid19 - Air Conditioning

Effective Air Exchange in your Bus

January 21, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogIn this Blog text you will find the current findings on the importance of air conditioning systems in times of the corona pandemic.

Europe - Packing List

Europe Packing Check-List For A Peace Of Mind

January 07, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogClients and drivers have told us so many stories of tour group members needing this or that because they either forgot or did not expect that they will need certain things on their journey in Europe. Coach Charter Europe would love to share and help your group to plan carefully and have a peace of mind when arriving in Europe all prepared with the essentials. This list was made from your fellow travelers’ experiences.

Electric bus - Electric mobility - Public transport

New Climate Friendly Coach Maintenance Building

December 10, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogToday we would like to share with you our current project development at our headquarters in Lüchow, Germany.

Paris - Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) - Airport Transfer - Bus Charter France - Bus Charter Paris

Tips for travelers at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) Paris

December 01, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogCharles De Gaulle Airport (Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle,(CDG)), also known as Roissy Airport, is actually the Top international airport in the French Republic. CDG is located in the area of Roissy-en-France, approx. 23 km north-east of Paris city center. CDG started operations in 1974, and is considered the busiest airport in Europe after Heathrow Airport, in London for airplane traffic. CDG is the biggest and busiest Airport within the European Union, and Globally It is the tenth busiest airport worldwide serving almost 80 million passengers in 2019 according to statistics.

Coach Driver - Bus Driver

The profession of Coach Driving

November 10, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogCoach drivers, coach captains, or bus operators, they all occupy the position of driving buses for private tour coach businesses. Officially a Coach Driver is the person who safely transports passengers in a courteous manner for short or long journeys. In many cities around the world you can find inter-city shuttle tours on repeated city loops that have drivers work as guides occasionally, but mostly now they are equipped with multi-language audio guides installed next to each seat.

Amsterdam - Coach Access Restrictions - Bus Charter Amsterdam - Bus Charter Netherlands

Amsterdam City Center - Coach Access Restrictions

October 26, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogThe stunning historical metropolis of Amsterdam salutes visitors desiring to explore the city by coach every day throughout the year. One of Amsterdam’s exceptional points is its compact appeal, allowing visitors to discover many attractions by simple walking. This restricted space made it challenging for coach drivers to drive around Amsterdam, and especially the city center. With continuous development it had become very hard to find a place to stop or park.

Christmas Markets - Northern Germany - Hamburg - Schwerin - Lubeck - Rostock

Best Christmas Markets in Northern Germany

September 30, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogCoach Charter Europe is proud to invite you to celebrate the special time of Christmas and the great holiday’s season at the wonderful Northern German Christmas markets that will add sprinkles of magic to your time there. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, Christmas Markets will look a bit different this year then they are used to. At the moment when this blog post is being written, all Christmas Markets are planned to be open in December. We recommend to keep an eye on official updatesof the cities.

Bus Charter Germany - Coach Charter Germany - Walhalla - Sächsische Schweiz National Park - Lichtenstein Castle - Schwerin Castle

Top Hidden Treasures In Germany

September 16, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogWhen life was on a normal pace till February 2020, so many tourist groups were visiting Germany and rushing through the famous highlights in the major cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit very hard the travel world almost globally to a stop in March 2020 for the first time in recorded history. Then since July 2020 some local travel possibilities have opened within the country and within the EU family as well.

This opportunity created the need to explore more parts of this amazing country in the quest to find the hidden touristic treasures and off the beaten track spots in Germany. That effort resulted in some great finds worth traveling to and exploring by every one interested in adventure, history and natural beauty. 

Trust the following highlights will add more value and excitement to your upcoming trips in Germany...

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