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News blog | Mobility in rural areas

How is individual mobility changing in rural areas and in the countryside?

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September 09, 2021
News blog | Mobility in rural areasFor the longest time, the main problem that has affected communities and individuals in rural areas is means of transportation. Rural areas have always been characterized by dispersed human settlement structures and low population density. Have these factors contributed to the issue of mobility in rural areas over the past years? Yes, they have. However, if you are keen, then you will notice that there has been a continuous change in human settlement and population density.

Many people have now opted to live and carry out investments in the rural areas. As a result, there has been an increased strain in mobility and in turn, the demand for improvement in rural mobility has increased. It is common knowledge that for social and economic development to be successful, then the transport sector has to up its game when it comes to accessibility. People need to access essential services, important locations and quality facilities in the easiest and most convenient way. Investment in transport and mobility has, therefore, continued to take an integrated part in the rural areas.

It is important to acknowledge the fact that public transportation has continued to present challenges for many individuals and communities in the rural areas. The fact that individuals have to cover long distances to get access to essential services such as school and health care is just a tip of an iceberg. Poor and inaccessible roads is also a major issue in most of the rural areas. Public transportation services are not able to get access and serve most of the places. You can imagine how individuals and communities living in such places really experience a hard time when they need to access the most essential amenities. Children have to strain while going to school and parents have a hard time commuting to work.

With all the changes and improvements in mobility happening in the rural areas, certain things will definitely remain the same. It has been observed that most of the people in rural areas rely on cars as a means of transport. Transport by bus is much easier and more convenient to majority of the people in rural areas. Therefore, people will definitely continue using cars in such areas.

The method that people have been using to get access to transportation services has changed dramatically over the past years. There has been an introduction of new ways of mobility. So, how are people currently getting themselves around? The most commonly used transit modes include: Ebikes, carsharing, ride-hailing, fixed route buses, and private shuttle buses.

Despite the steps that have been taken to improve mobility in the rural areas, the development in the urban areas is still far much better than the countryside. For example, there are more roads, flyovers, and even air transport in the urban areas. There is still a bias when it comes to economic development and opportunities. However, it is important to note that public transport, especially by bus, will still play a crucial role in the rural areas a majority of the people cannot afford personal vehicles.

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