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News blog | Europe Packing Check-List For A Peace Of Mind

Europe Packing Check-List For A Peace Of Mind

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January 07, 2021
News blog | Europe Packing Check-List For A Peace Of Mind Clients and drivers have told us so many stories of tour group members needing this or that because they either forgot or did not expect that they will need certain things on their journey in Europe. Coach Charter Europe would love to share and help your group to plan carefully and have a peace of mind when arriving in Europe all prepared with the essentials. This list was made from your fellow travelers’ experiences.

We must recommend for you to start packing at least one week before flight date please. This early will give you plenty of time to have the essentials, and then work down the list for the other important points. This will take the stress away from packing and keep you focused, excited and happy to participate in the trip, and enjoy too.

Choosing your luggage type is very important and will impact your travel greatly. The luggage consideration must depend on your destination, trip length, and the planned activities of course. The clear choice is a robust mid size suitcase (with capacity for 23Kg max. that is accepted by all Airlines standards), and with sturdy wheels. A back-pack or a hand-back for the essentials is recommended for continuous and secure use during your travels time.

Essential items to prepare early:

1) Passport, (updated, or still valid for more than 6 months after your trip dates) 
2) Air-tickets, (Tickets and an extra copy just in case stored in the other bag) 
3) Money cards and some cash, (make sure your wallet, and cards and extra cash are not at same place) 
4) Travel insurance (never leave your home without your insurance & their 24/7 emergency-line) 
5) International-Europe power adapter (make sure to have this with you early) 
6) Cell-phone, Camera, and laptop/tablet.

The above items should be organized safely and securely in your hand bag. These essentials will be easy to access at any time, and securely on you at all times. To prevent the high pickpocketing threat in most European cities, we strongly recommend having a Neck Wallet/bag or a money belt. The neck bag can hide your cash, Money cards, cell-phone, hotel keys, and your travel documents under your shirt or jacket making it much more secure to go around safely. Same for the money belt, under your shirt and Jacket is a very secure solution to prevent pickpocketing around the European continent.

Once your hand bag and essentials are ready, then you start working on your luggage packing. Your durable luggage with robust wheels can have Packing Cubes, Packing Folders, and a Hanging Toiletry Bag inside to optimize your bag space.

We start with the bigger items like clothing:

- Warm Jacket for non-summer times or northern countries at all times. Also a lighter Jacket/ rain coat to cover all weather possibilities. 
- Long-sleeve tops and short-sleeve tops/T-shirts. 
- Spare pair of Jeans, night out pants, swim-shorts for sporty times. 
- Skirts and a Dress for ladies and swimwear or shorts for sports. 
- Underwear and socks.

Smaller items:

- Foot-ware like light walking shoes or trainers, Dress up shoes for your concert, and sandals or flip-flops for your beach time. 
- Health items like; your prescription medications, of the shelf medicines like pain killers, flying or boating sickness medicine, Band-Aids and disinfectant products. 
- Toiletries’ essentials like; Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash, toothpaste & Toothbrush, shaving cream, Sunscreen, Deodorant wipes, Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes, and most important are the Cosmetics collection. 
- Essential ornaments like; Luggage locks, umbrellas, Sunglasses, Eye mask, Scarf, Earplugs, belt, chargers and cables for your electronic devices.

European Weather:

In general, Europe’s weather is warm in summer months, but depends on your location summer can have very hot days and likewise very cold days. It is a fact of life that the weather is not predictable. However, European days may start the day cold, fog, or rain before turning warm during the day with sun in the afternoon, and ends with a little frost in the night. Therefore, we recommend packing sensibly for European weather. Also you need to be informed of what to expect at your exact destination.

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Europe - Packing List

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