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Coach Charter Europe Blog

Coach Charter Europe Blog

Electric Bus - Electric Mobility - Europe - Volvo - Mercedes Benz

The Current State Of e-Mobility For Long Distance Coaches in Europe

May 04, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogLong-distance traveling is often a tedious experience, and for the longest time, most people have preferred using planes or trains because, compared to buses and coaches, they take less time. However, some still prefer coaches because of their inexpensiveness. The world is moving with technological trends, and so are we. The transport industry is not left behind. There are now long-distance electric coaches that offer more than cost-effectiveness. They provide comfort, with enticing services like free Wi-Fi, reclining seats, and toilets, to ensure that your trip across Europe is one you can remember fondly.

Electric mobility - Electric bus - Europe - Public transport - Volvo - Mercedes Benz - MAN - Tesla

E-Mobility in Europe - What Does it Mean for the Public Transportation Industry?

February 24, 2021
Coach Charter Europe BlogThe world is turning to electric vehicles for transport. This has been the trend for some time now. We have all seen a Tesla or other electric vehicle share the roadways where ever travel, but what about public transport? With all the activity around the personal use of electric vehicles, one might be surprised at the progress made in the public transport sector.

Electric bus - Electric mobility - Public transport

New Climate Friendly Coach Maintenance Building

December 10, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogToday we would like to share with you our current project development at our headquarters in Lüchow, Germany.

IVECO Heuliez - Electric bus - Electric mobility - Public transport

Electric bus IVECO Heuliez test ride

September 08, 2020
Coach Charter Europe BlogPart of our "Testing Week Electric Mobility" was the test drive of a brand new IVECO Heuliez GX 337ELEC. This electric bus is designed for public transportation in cities as well as rural areas. It has a charging capacity of 340 kw. We will drive this bus within the next days on the public lines between Lüchow and Uelzen in Lower Saxony.

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