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What is a Long-Distance Coach (LDC)?

What is a Long-Distance Coach (LDC)?
A Long-Distance Coach (LDC) is used for long-distance travel, as opposed to commuter busses that are usually operating in a particular metropolitan region. Also used for visiting, intercity and international bus services, buses are often used for private charter purposes. Long-Distance coaches carry travelers on lengthy journeys for considerable amounts of time, are built for comfort. They differ considerably in price from region to nation and from country to country. Higher quality cars provide luxurious seating and air conditioning.

Coaches normally have just one narrow entrance, although often they have two doors, as additional loading time is appropriate due to infrequent stops. Such options include: comfortable seats, which may include a folding table, armrests and a recliner. Comfort is known to be an essential function of coaches. Baggage racks above benches, where passengers can reach their carry-on baggage during the travel Baggage racks, which are accessible from outside the train, either under the main floor or at the back, where passengers' bags can be placed away from the Passenger Service Units seating room, mounted overhead, with personal reading lamps. In certain buses, on-board entertainment like movies could be provided to passengers On-board refreshment service or vending machines Housing wheelchairs, probably providing wheelchair lift control Curtains, helpful on-board Wi-Fi connection On-board AC power.

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