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Bus Transfer Salzburg, Coach Hire Salzburg

Bus Transfer Salzburg, Coach Hire Salzburg

Bus transfer Salzburg would be the correct choice to take when traveling around the beautiful city of Salzburg. Your group can explore the wonderful old town with its great historic heritage, explore the music heritage, or visit the city other brilliant highlights out side the old town with bus transfer Salzburg.

Bus Travel Salzburg

Bus travel Salzburg may be is the top partner to have when visiting the beautiful city of Salzburg. Your group can find memorials of Mozart, The Sound of Music, rich historical buildings, wonderful nature and much more with bus travel Salzburg / Coach Hire Salzburg.

Bus Rental Service Salzburg

Bus rental service Salzburg is the correct travel means you need in Salzburg. Whether it is Mozart or the sound of Music film setting or just to see the great heritage, bus rental service Salzburg with Irro-Reisen is the will make sure your group covers it all on time.

Bus Rental Salzburg

Many of our customers book our bus rental tours in the winter to spend their holidays in Salzburg where they can take part in winter sports in the mountains. With its location next to the German and Austrian Alps, Salzburg offers you different snow areas where you can go skiing or snowboarding. Our bus drivers are experienced professionals and know how to drive in different winter conditions. To ensure that all of them attend regularly in safety driving sessions to secure our clients a safe and comfortable ride when they travel with our bus rental service in Salzburg. With our rental busses we drive you to your hotel and provide a shuttle service to different ski areas.

Bus Reservation Salzburg

Salzburg is the gateway to the Alps and is literally translated as “Salt Fortress”. With its proximity to the German border Salzburg is often a destination from our bus reservation tours through Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Our stop in Salzburg includes the visit of the famous baroque Old Town which is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 and the birth house of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. But this is only one segment of our bus reservation service in Salzburg. We also offer different other bus routes and coach services. Inform yourself about the reservation of our bus pool in Salzburg on our homepage.

Bus Tour Salzburg

Bus tour Salzburg is the recommended bus to book when traveling to the city of Salzburg. If your group is interested in the music side, or the education side, or just to explore the great heritage and culture of this wonderful city, bus tour Salzburg with Irro-Reisen is the way to have.

Bus Service Salzburg

Right next to the Alps and Germany’s highest mountain is the Austrian city Salzburg located. The bus service from Irro Reisen has a perfect reputation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You don’t need to worry the whole time, you travel with us, because we will ensure a secure and comfortable bus traveling with our coach service in Salzburg. We offer different bus services for you which you can see on our website about Salzburg.

Bus Trip Salzburg,

Bus trip Salzburg should be on top of the list to check when visiting the city of Salzburg. Your group will enjoy he music heritage, the historical city center, the rich culture scenes, and much more with bus trip Salzburg. Bus Vacation Salzburg, Bus vacation Salzburg would be the considered option to have to travel around the city of Salzburg. You can be sure that your group will enjoy and appreciate the rich heritage buildings at the old town center, and of course the musical history, rich culture, and much more with bus vacation Salzburg.

Coach Hire Salzburg,

Coach hire Salzburg would be the smart option to have when traveling around the city of Salzburg. You can impress your group with the beautiful and historic old town, the rich cultural institutions, the modern and high quality life standards, famous music heritage, and more with coach hire Salzburg. Coach Rental Salzburg, Coach rental Salzburg would be the correct option to have when visiting the city of Salzburg. You can show your group the birth place of Mozart, great historical old town in Salzburg, beautiful landscape, and much more with coach rental Salzburg.

Coach Service Salzburg,

Coach Service Salzburg is simply the wise choice to make when traveling around the city of Salzburg. You can be confident that your group will enjoy the following highlights; Fortress Hohensalzburg, Salzburg old town, Unterberg, Mirabell Castle and gardens, Salzburg Cathedral, Hellbrunn Palace, Red Bull Hangar-7, House of nature, St. Peter's Abbey, Fountains Hellbrunn, Stiegl Brewery, Old Town Hall, old market, Mozart's birth place, Mozartplatz, Residenzgalerie Salzburg art gallery, Mozart residence, and much more with coach service Salzburg. Coach Tour Salzburg, Coach Tour Salzburg would be the usual option to take when traveling in Salzburg. You can show your group how Salzburg is not only famous for the great sound of Music movie settings, or the great Mozart and his music that is still being played here continuously, but the city to learn about and enjoy the famous baroque style of architecture that latterly covers the old town and most of the city too. Also the beauty of the landscape, of mountains, the Salzach river, romantic river banks settings, makes this city a natural, romantic, beautiful and a total wonderful unique experience for lovers is a must have at least once in a life time. Coach tour Salzburg will show you highlights like; Festung Hohensalzburg, Salzburg Museum, Residenz, Museum der Moderne, Residenzplatz, Schloss Mirabell, Untersberg, Erzabtei St Peter. With coach tour Salzburg your group will re-live their fairy tale dreams in style. Coach Travel Salzburg, Coach Travel Salzburg could be the correct preference to hire when visiting the city for Salzburg. You can inform your group about how Salzburg became independent from Bavaria near the end of14th century. Salzburg developed as the primary city of an independent state until 1805. Salzburg found new wealth from the salt pits situated in the south of the city. These provided for the architectural treasures found today in the old town with architects, materials, and engineers brought in from around Europe. The reason why Salzburg had its nickname as "the Rome of the north", is because all around this city, visitors can find and recite about the heritage of the Archbishops that shared the rule with the princes during the golden age of in depended Salzburg. Coach travel Salzburg will show interesting points like; Hohensalzburg Fortress, Schloss Hellbrunn, Mozarts Geburtshaus, Schloss Mirabell, Mozarts Wohnhaus, Toy Museum, Salzburg Museum of Modern Art. A must do tours in Salzburg are; Panorama Tours: Sound of Music, Ice Caves, Salt Mines, and the amazing and world famous Salzburg Music Festival. By hiring coach travel Salzburg your group will be thrilled.

Coach Trip Salzburg,

Coach trip Salzburg is typically the essential travel companion required when arriving in Salzburg. You can manage your group’s hopes by informing them about the activities ahead of time for discovering in and around Salzburg. Coach trip Salzburg could help you explore the water Fountains at gardens of castle Hellbrunn. You will experience amazing ancient fountains, water games, and the mechanical theater dating back around 400 years of aquatic art and technologies. Coach trip Salzburg suggests the Fortress Hohensalzburg. This is a very well conserved fortress that includes a church, armory buildings, antique exhibitions, objects and paintings, and a panoramic view of the city and the majestic surrounding mountains. Coach trip Salzburg recommends enjoying the Mozart Residence. Between 1773 and 1787 period, the Mozart family lived in the "Tanzmeisterhaus" on the Makartplatz. The expansive eight-room dwelling on the first floor is the museum currently. Coach trip Salzburg proposes the Salzburg old town center. Take a walk through the narrow old streets of the old town that will take you back in time, especially on Getreidegasse Street with Mozart's birthplace. Coach trip Salzburg reminds group to plan their time between visits carefully to manage exploring, and still have time for other events. Coach trip Salzburg is your special key to experience a wonderful and unforgettable journey.

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Bus Transfer Salzburg - Coach Hire & Coach Rental Service Austria
Nicole Gibbons, Tour Manager Sights and Soul Travels, LLC
Bus Transfer Salzburg - Coach Hire & Coach Rental Service Austria
We have worked with Irro Reisen for many years now, using both their transportation and guiding services throughout Europe. They have many sizes of bus to choose from and they are all comfortable. The drivers are always on time, polite, friendly and know exactly where they are going. The guides are very knowledgeable as well. A truly great and high quality company!

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

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