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Bus Transfer Strasbourg

Bus Transfer Strasbourg

Bus Charter Strasbourg,

When visiting the seat of the European Parliament, the city of Strasbourg and witness the melting pot of the German and French cultures into one in Strasbourg, bus charter Strasbourg will help you achieve that. Bus charter Strasbourg with Irro-Reisen can ensure your travel are prompt and enjoyable.

Bus Company Strasbourg,

Strasbourg city is immersed in the Franco-German culture and, has been a bridge of unity between France and Germany for centuries, especially through the University of Strasbourg, currently the second largest in France, and the coexistence of Catholic and Protestant culture. To see all that you can just hire from bus Company Strasbourg. Bus Company Strasbourg with Irro-Reisen will make sure your journey is prompt.

Bus Hire Strasbourg,

Bus Hire Strasbourg is simply the top choice when visiting this amazing city. In Strasbourg, whether you are visiting so European institutions or the rich heritage, the unique mixed French and German culture or any other exciting aspect of this marvelous city, Bus Hire Strasbourg with Irro Reisen will help your group make the best of this visit.

Bus Rental Service Strasbourg,

Bus rental service Strasbourg is the preferred mode of transport when visiting Strasbourg with your group. Strasbourg is considered the melting point of Franco-German cultures and represents a bridge of unity between the 2 nations. To experience all that and more you can rely on bus rental service Strasbourg with Irro Reisen.

Bus Rental Strasbourg,

Bus rental Strasbourg should be the wise choice to have when visiting the European parliament, or when visiting the city that combines both German and French cultures in a lovely way. Bus rental Strasbourg with Irro-Reisen is the prompt means of your group transport.

Bus Reservation Strasbourg,

Bus reservation Strasbourg is simply the best travel choice you can make when traveling around Strasbourg. Whether your group is visiting the European Parliament or exploring how the German and French cultures melt and make a unique beautiful city, bus reservation Strasbourg with Irro-Reisen is the right way to see all that and more.

Bus Service Strasbourg,

Bus service Strasbourg is considered the top choice to make when traveling to this amazing city. In Strasbourg, if your group is visiting the European Union offices or the nice heritage, the amazing mixture of French and German, Bus service Strasbourg with Irro Reisen will ensure the group has a wonderful journey.

Bus Tour Rental Strasbourg,

Bus tour rental Strasbourg would be the wise choice to have when traveling around Strasbourg. Your group will be able to find how this city represents the melting and unity of French and German cultures, and the peaceful co-living of Catholic and Protestant cultures. To find and enjoy all that and more bus tour rental with Irro-Reisen is the right choice.

Bus Tour Strasbourg,

Bus tour Strasbourg is the wise choice to have when traveling to Strasbourg. You can show your group the unique combined German and French cultures and the peaceful Protestant and Catholic cultures all living harmoniously together, and the European Parliament of course with bus tour Strasbourg with Irro-Reisen.

Bus Transfer Strasbourg,

Bus transfer Strasbourg is the sure way to travel around the city of Strasbourg. Your group can see and enjoy this city of harmony with different cultures and believes live in peace together, the rich heritage, and the Parliament of Europe with bus transfer Strasbourg.

Bus Travel Strasbourg,

Bus travel Strasbourg is simply the clever option to take when visiting the beautiful city of Strasbourg. Your will love the river settings, rich heritage of combined German and French cultures melting together peacefully, and much more with bus travel Strasbourg.

Bus Trip Strasbourg,

Bus trip Strasbourg is the recommended way to have when visiting the city of Strasbourg. Your group will experience the melting pot of combining French and German cultures, the rich heritage, wonderful landscape and river settings, and more with bus trip Strasbourg.

Bus Vacation Strasbourg,

Bus vacation Strasbourg would be the advised choice to take when traveling around Strasbourg. You can show your group the beautiful river banks, the European institutions, the peaceful coexistence of German and French cultures in Harmony in this city, and much more with bus vacation Strasbourg.

Coach Hire Strasbourg,

Coach hire Strasbourg maybe considered the best option to take when traveling around the city of Strasbourg. You can show your group this city of peaceful co-existence of Germans and French cultures, the rich historical sites, the European establishments, and much more with coach hire Strasbourg.

Coach Rental Strasbourg,

Coach rental Strasbourg may be the best partner to have when visiting the city of Strasbourg. You can show your group why Strasbourg called the city a bridge of Harmony with melting the French and German cultures, peaceful living of Catholic, Protestant, and Islamic communities, also the various European Union establishments, and you can show also the great heritage city center site island, and much more with coach rental Strasbourg.

Coach Service Strasbourg,

Coach Service Strasbourg could be the right choice to make when traveling around the city of Strasbourg. Your group will definitely enjoy those highlights; Liebfrauenmünster zu Strasbourg (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg), La Petite France, Center-ville de Strasbourg historic part, Parc de l'Orangerie, Barrage Vauban, Musée historique de la Ville de Strasbourg museum, Musee Alsacien, Eglise protestante Saint Pierre le Jeune, Le Vaisseau museum, Palais de Rohan, Place Gutenberg, European Parliament, Gare de Strasbourg, Musee d'Art Moderne et Contemporain, Horloge Astronomique, Place de la République, and much more with coach service Strasbourg. Coach Tour Strasbourg, Coach Tour Strasbourg should be the reliable option to take when traveling in Strasbourg. You can show your group how Strasbourg is the shining example of the European spirit, with both German and French cultures melting together and living in harmony, the wonderful combinations of beautiful heritage buildings with the modern glass an steel buildings, The presence of EU and International institutions, the Romanic river banks, the vibrant cultural scenes fueled by a large Student population, and romantic river cruises. Coach tour Strasbourg will show you highlights like; Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Palais Rohan, Grande Île, Petite France, Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain, Grande Mosquée de Strasbourg, and Barrage Vauban. With coach tour Strasbourg your group will enjoy a delightful trip.

Coach Travel Strasbourg,

Coach Travel Strasbourg should be the dependable preference to hire when visiting the city of Strasbourg. You can inform your group about how Strasbourg was among the earliest German cities to adopt the protestant-Lutheran faith in the first part of 16th century. As a result of the new faith, the city developed to a center of education and book printing. That led to the earliest newsprint in Europe to be published in Strasbourg. In 1681, French king Louis XIV took over Strasbourg by taking advantage of the confusion after the 30 years German war. However, to prove the city unique status of Strasbourg, the protestant faith was permitted to be practiced by the king, while prohibited in the rest of France. Nowadays, Strasbourg is a large city spreading form the western bank of the Rhine River, and into the German city of Kehl, on the eastern bank of the Rhine in Germany. The city hosts international establishments like; the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights, the European Ombudsman, and, highest notable is the European Parliament. Coach travel Strasbourg will show interesting points like; Cathédrale Notre-Dame, Église Saint-Thomas, Musée Historique, Musée d'Art Moderne et Contemporain,and Petite France. By hiring coach travel Strasbourg you can be sure your group explores the best of this city.

Coach Trip Strasbourg

Coach trip Strasbourg is generally the essential travel companion required when arriving in Strasbourg. You can manage your group eagerness by informing them about the activities ahead of time for discovering in and around Strasbourg. Coach trip Strasbourg could help you explore the Parc de l'Orangerie. The orangery park is located near the European Parliament, and has a mini zoo. This park has wild storks that nest on trees and on house roofs. There is a beautiful pond where you can have some rowing. Coach trip Strasbourg suggests La Petite France. This heritage district offers well preserved beautiful houses, various shops, and specialty authentic local cuisine restaurants are a must. Coach trip Strasbourg recommends enjoying the Liebfrauenmünster zu Strasbourg (Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg). This building is very impressive from the outside at first, but becomes breathtaking when you delve into the details especially at the entrance, and in the back there is a great astronomical clock. Coach trip Strasbourg proposes Palais de Rohan. This Rohan family palace complex was the city castle residence for the Cardinals in the 17th century. Today this complex houses many different museums that each has treasures worth discovering. Coach trip Strasbourg reminds group to plan their time between visits cautiously to manage exploring, and still have time for other activities. Coach trip Strasbourg is your special key to experience a wonderful and memorable journey.

Coach Vacation Strasbourg

Coach Vacation Strasbourg would be the trusted travel partner for your group while exploring Strasbourg. In order to help the group to be well prepared for the trip, please notify them early for what they should expect and what they should bring along before getting on Coach Vacation Strasbourg Bus. Coach Vacation Strasbourg recommends to stopover by the Palais de Rohan. This royal city palace houses now three museums that compliment this beautiful building and its rich heritage. Coach Vacation Strasbourg can drive to the Barrage Vauban. Even though in the 17th century the Vauban Dam was actually built for practical reasons as a bridge and defense system, but it was done in a way to make the whole are simply gorgeous, and people just love to come here and enjoy in the great view. Coach Vacation Strasbourg places forward the MM Park France. This is a military museum focusing on WWII memorabilia, with real tanks, a plane, and much more. Coach Vacation Strasbourg will reference the Eglise Saint-Pau. This church is beautiful and impressive from the outside, and the inside, and even from afar with its imposing location over the river is also very beautiful. Coach Vacation Strasbourg asks group leaders to complete the agreed itinerary periods promptly. Coach Vacation Strasbourg is just your key for perfect trips.

Bus Transfer Strasbourg - Coach Hire Strasbourg
Omer Ben-Zeev, CEO, Kishrey Tarbut Tevel
Bus Transfer Strasbourg - Coach Hire Strasbourg
We are proud "users" of IRRO service for about 8 years. After working with different coach companies in the last 20 years, we came to the understanding about 8 years ago, that IRRO are the best. In terms of quick answers and quotations, flexibility, great buses and friendly drivers. Working behind the scenes with Karsten is a pleasure, and you feel like you have a partner and not a salesman in front of you. After the service asking how it went and where can we improve. That is unique… I have no doubt that if you are looking to charter a coach in Europe and are reading this now, That you need to send an email or pickup the phone, because you came to the right place.

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50 years of experience

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