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Castle tours in Germany with Irro Reisen

Castle tours in Germany with Irro Reisen

Formerly the residences of royalty and nobility, today castles are fascinating relics of the past and a fun way to delve into history and architecture-to say nothing of the natural beauty that surrounds many castles. Our castles tours in Germany are an excellent way to explore this part of the country's cultural heritage. We offer several pre-planned castle tours in Germany and we can also work with you to put together a special itinerary designed specifically for your group.

Travelling the Castle Road in Germany by bus

Taking the Germany castle route by bus with Irro Reisen transforms your trip into a royal procession: not only will you see the castles, you'll dine and sleep in them like kings and queens! The Castle Road castle tours in Germany take you to six different castles - Cecilienhof, Tremsbuettel, Wilkinghege, Sababurg, Friedrichsruhe, and Kronberg - each of which has its own unique history and architecture.

Castle tours in Germany with a home base in Berlin

For those who want to explore castles while still getting a chance to see the capital city, we offer a package based in Berlin. This tour also includes several historically fascinating and architecturally stunning castles, such as Castle Charlottenburg in Berlin and Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, as well as Castle Schwerin and Castle Guestrow. The six-day trip also includes an optional day-trip to Dresden.



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