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Visit the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021 with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Visit the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021 with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company
Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021 is a trade fair that is held annually in Dusseldorf, Germany. In 2021, this trade fair will be held from the 28th of August to the 5th of September. Caravan Salon Düsseldorf is a fair that offers caravans and motorhomes of all sizes, colors, and worth. In a year, the Caravan Salon showcases more than 1000 recreational vehicles, and 2020 was not different, with 1800 touring vehicles to look at. The caravan center is an ideal place because of its vast space that offers so much more than just an informative session to the people who come to look at these caravans and motorhomes. Caravan Salon 2021 also offers an entertainment program for its guests who travel from worldwide to see these beautiful, magnificent vehicles. Caravan Salon Düsseldorf has become the biggest platform for industry experts.

What is it about Caravan Salon Düsseldorf that makes it what it is today? There are unique caravanning sports that can be showcased in the various halls in the exhibition. Sports like water sports, cycling and winter sports. Vehicles that will be shown are those that are particularly suited to combine four-wheel vacationing and sporting activities. They also showcase their idea on how to transport sports gear like motorcycles. They, therefore, show their carrier systems and their sporty designs. Caravan Salon Düsseldorf is an exhibition that is suitable for both children and adults. Despite offering information about the e-bikes, equipment, trends, and vehicles, it also provides fun activities for the children in the outdoor exhibition area.

The caravan center brings together people of mobile leisure, visitors, exhibitors, friends, and journalists, and this is where people network and get connections. The ideas and work put in place for the creation of good motorhomes are shared. There is also a Caravan Salon route that is approximately 400 km. This is not a walking distance, and anyone who tries that will be signing a death sentence. Bus rental services are useful here, especially when students from a school visit the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021. This can also be the case for a group of tourists who do not have their cars around. Coach Charter Europe provides charter services for coaches and buses. Our friendly drivers get to drive you through the route that takes you to the river Rhein. You get to view beautiful features along with the scenery as you head towards the Caravan Salon grounds, which are very vast and are approximately 214,000 square meters. Isn't it amazing? There are also many things to be done on this vast land other than taking a look at the leisure vehicles. The area provides beautiful campsites, RV parks, tents, and mobile homes. This can act as a simple holiday destination as you enjoy one another's company in a camp. Coach Charter Europe can offer transportation to and from these grounds once the exhibition is done, you do not have to walk in the scorching sun, and as per the terms of your booking, you can get a chartered bus for the entire exhibition period.

Coach Charter Europe

Once in a while, every one of us needs a bus service company that is efficient, reliable, and offers professional services. Coach Charter Europe aims at providing for your bus charter needs like festivals, congresses, events, airport transfers, governments, and incentives. We drive and maintain our buses, we offer 24/7 professional services and get in touch with our customers as soon as possible after filling the inquiry form. It is hard during this pandemic, but we have put stringent measures to ensure you are safe. Remember, your safety is our concern. In 2021, here are the significant events and festivals that could use our services.

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021  | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
Jillian Tincher | Travel Coordinator | Joshua Expeditions
Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021  | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for almost a decade. And, we will continue to work with them because of their excellent customer service, great rates, and familiarity with multiple European countries. They have always worked with us and provide excellent drivers in the European area. We look forward to continue to work with them in the future.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Caravan Salon Düsseldorf 2021  | Bus Charter | Coach RentalOur Fleet

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