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Visit the Karneval Der Kulturen 2021 with Coach Charter Europe

Visit the Karneval Der Kulturen 2021 with Coach Charter Europe

The Berlin Carnival of Cultures:

The Berlin city Carnival of Cultures is a jubilant testimonial for an inclusive culture. For more than two decades this event has revealed the diversity of this city. At this festival you can find participants from many different ancestries and cultures join together to artistically show their passions, notions and hopes with a street parade to share them with progressive viewers. The resourceful and inclusive efforts of the partaking teams will be on show on the Pentecost weekend 21-24 May 2021.This is admition free street event.

The big parade will be on Pentecost Sunday 23 May, with about 4,000 carnival actors that fill the public space on the designated streets to share and promote the cultural wealth of Berlin. The teams and floats in this parade will take artistic jargons to address social and political issues. At this event you will find people from every cultural heritage and district in Berlin taking this opportunity to communicate their presence, achievements, and concerns. 

This Carnival is actually a four-day street festival where Berlin local bands can have a large platform to entertain excited audience. The visitors here will have a musical journey around the world. There will be a green space for dedicated clubs and companies that respect the environment with sustainable practices, like the Berlin 'Food Truck' association.

Coach Charter Europe’s Airport shuttles, Bus Rentals, and Tour buses have been for decades the trusted transporter for Berlin’s Carnival of cultures’ visitors. Whether your group is local or from out side Berlin, our Bus Company will promptly take care of your transfers in berlin to the festival locations, or hotels, and of course to the airports. You can also book a Long Distance Coach with driver for multi-day tour covering other cities, or other countries around us. We look forward to have your request. 

The history of the Carnival: 

The first Carnival of Cultures took to the streets of Berlin’s Kreuzberg in 1996, as a reaction to the racist unrests by the xenophobic attacks in Rostock. Now decades later, Europe is building new border fences under different reasons, but you can still find some welcoming culture on one side, to violence against people with different looks on the other side. 
However, Berlin’s diverse communities still make the heart of the driving engine for this carnival. This carnival offers the opportunity for Berlin’s varied communities to show their respective heritage, and how they integrate together to make up the distinguished Berlin people that world wide visitors love to see, meet, and explore. 
Our bus company’s Coach Charter Europe can support your journey with reliable charter bus or airport shuttle services where needed. You will find our modern tour bus fleet, chartered bus experienced drivers and bus rental contract staff all skilled, friendly, and supportive. We look forward to you bus inquiry.

The street parade:

On Sunday 23 May 2021, like every year on the Pentecost Sunday, thousands of artists in around 75 groups will participate in this street spectacle. There are different sport clubs, enterprises, many schools, youth culture clubs, different acting groups and related associations that make up the bulk of the organizations active in this festival. They manage to make the festival as a big wide canvas for many thoughts, issues, and current topics of concern to be displayed through theatre, art, and music to capture the audience attention, and share the ideas. Records show an average of 650,000 visitors along the 3.5 km route become excited, supportive, give rounds of applause and even dance away with every different beat. 
Usually the start time is at: 12: 30 - from Yorckstraße / with corner Großbeerenstraße, then the prade proceeds along the route: Yorckstraße, Gneisenaustraße, Hasenheide, and Hermannplatz, as the ending point of the segment: around 21:00.
To be on time, and to avoid all the road closures and traffic jams, Coach charter Europe with it’s Tour bus, bus rental, and Chartered bus services will be your reliable partner to plan your group’s transport around those days and make sure you have the chance to attend as much as possible, safely, comfortably, and not to worry about any group transport issue. 

Other Street party attractions:

On the other four days, apart from the parade procession, the area around Blucherplatz in Kreuzberg, becomes a meeting point for people and visitors to celebrate how Berlin is lucky with a special treasure of cultural and creative characteristics that are admired by so many. Therefore, we can confirm that this festival is a testimonial for a buoyant Berlin where cultural diversity is appreciated as a point of strength and pride.
Your group will find it as an adventure around 350 stands of food, drinks, and other products from around the globe on offer there. There will also be different art works and crafts from local and international artists, as well as street entertainment with acrobatic shows, puppet illustrations and other creatures of unusual shapes and sizes for special memories. The music style varieties on show at the different stages will include many different genres and directions with international flavors. 

Coach Charter Europe’s bus company is prepared with decades of knowledge in the charter bus and airport shuttle bus marketplace, which you can take advantage of to have a smooth, safe and enjoyable trip to Berlin.
From our local tour bus depot you can hire many different size and modern charter buses of top quality. Bus Company can offer you airport shuttle services, city transfers by charter bus, or full day chartered bus services, with tour bus service for your group’s itinerary. You can simply send us your group transport needs and our Coach Charter Europe’s bus rental department will offer you a tailored chartered bus quote.  
To get more information visit their oficial website:

Karneval Der Kulturen 2021 | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
Chris Chan, VP of Operations, Rangate
Karneval Der Kulturen 2021 | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
Since 2014, we have been utilizing Irro Reisen’s exceptional bus service. We are a group of woodworking professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico touring European factories. The office is helpful in the planning stages. Our bus driver, Ian, has always provided us the utmost safe and professional service. The bus is also clean and very comfortable. We will see you again soon!

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Karneval Der Kulturen 2021 | Bus Charter | Coach RentalOur Fleet

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