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Visit the Lyon’s Festival of Lights with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Visit the Lyon’s Festival of Lights with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Lyon’s Festival of Lights 2020

(Le Fête des lumières) translates to The Festival of Lights in Lyon, France. It is traditionally a festival for showing thankfulness to the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ on 8th of December every year. This tradition is distinctive to Lyon, which mandates each household to display lit candles outside of their windows to create remarkable lightings all through the streets of Lyon. There are other actions during the 4 day festival, culminating with most important events on the 8th of Dec. of every year. There are 2 major central points of festival shows which are:

1- The Basilica of Fourvière, with colorful combination of different lights shining on the building’s facade.
2- The Place des Terreaux, which is historic square that becomes a great stage for exciting light shows every season.

Airport shuttle, Bus Company, and Tour bus by Coach Charter Europe are honored to be the reliable transport coaches for the festival visitors over the years. No matter where your group is located, our Bus Rental will punctually take care of your transfers in Lyon to the festival locations, hotels, and from Lyon airports. There is the opportunity to hire a Long Distance Coach with driver for a many days tour covering other cities in France, or cross to other countries as well.

The festival origins

The reason that the festival was founded goes back to the scary time of the plague hitting Lyon in the 17th century. With the disease fears mounting, on September 8, 1643, the civic city councilors (échevins) vowed to pay homage to the Virgin Mary if Lyon’s remaining population was saved from any more plague illness and deaths, and it really did. Therefore, since that year, a march takes place towards the Basilica of Fourvière every year to light candles and offer donations in the name of the Virgin Mary. 

The infamous artist Joseph-Hugues Fabisch erected the Virgin’s statue with the sponsorship of many prominent Catholics in Lyon. In 1850 the statue was recognized by the Cardinal de Bonald. The date September 8, 1852 was selected as the installation time with festivities because it was the day in Lyon of the Virgin’s Nativity. Unfortunately, the Saone River flooded Lyon, and everything was forced to stop, which prompted a committee of Lyon’s elders with the Cardinal to decide to postpone the inauguration and festival till 8th Dec. 1852.  The notable Catholics suggested every home to light candles for this event, and people did, so since then till today Lyon has set the 8th of every Dec. as the lights festival of Lyon. 

Traditions today obligate all people of Lyon to display on their windows candles in glass holders on every 8 Dec. These candle glasses are available in the markets from every Nov. The Lyon city council on its part organizes professional light and fire-works performances. Local government statistics show that annually the Lyon Festival of lights attracts around 3.5 million visitors. 

Therefore you can infer why lights are regarded in a very special place in Lyon population’s minds and hearts. This distinct position shines all over Lyon during the festival. The Lyon Festival of Lights is a universally recognized occasion for the extraordinary short-term artistic and colorful light settings that transform Lyon for four nights to a magical exciting place. 

Our bus company Coach Charter Europe can drive you on your trip with consistent charter bus or airport shuttle services. Your group will be happy to experience our modern bus fleet, experienced drivers and skilled contract office staff. Your group will rest assured to have their transport part of the trip to Lyon in professional hands when you book with coach charter Europe. 

Lyon pioneering city lights

Businesses, especially food shops decided to light up their shop front windows for Christmas and the special 8 Dec. festival, with even races to award the best innovations during the 1960’s period. Later, the Lyon city authorities in a bid to expand the light celebrations, decided in the 1980’s to lighten up more parts of Lyon, especially by enlightening historical sites in the city at night, with pioneering this trend as Lyon became the first European city to implement this idea. With the success of the idea, and the huge positive feedback, the enlightening expanded to cover streets, squares, riverbanks, bridges, and even the Saone river stream itself, with amazing reflections and vibes, that developed Lyon to what is recognized today as the Lyon of lights with its vivid night colors that have no match. 

For prompt travel, and avoiding the road closures or traffic jams, Coach Charter Europe with its Tour bus, bus Company, and Rental bus services will be your faithful choice to design your group’s travel around those four busy days. With Coach Charter Europe you can rest assured to attend as much as possible events in a safe and comfortable manner.

Lyon's shinning history

The Festival utilizes the rich and great historical sites in Lyon like the Presqu’île and the Vieux-Lyon in the most artistic and revealing posture that shines rays of color, beauty and importance at the  Renaissance facades of the grandiose buildings in this lucky city. The smart artists transform each heritage site to a canvas or a stage for brilliant light, color and laser shows by son et lumière art projects. 

Coach Charter Europe’s tour bus company is well-informed with 48 years experience in the charter bus and airport shuttle bus market, which you can appreciate if you are planning a great trip to Lyon. 

With our tour bus depot ready, you can book any contemporary bus size for your group needs. Bus Rental can attend your airport shuttle needs, city transfers by chartered bus, or a full day charter bus service for your group’s itinerary. We look forward to your request, so we can make an offer that best matches your group needs in Lyon.

Here you can learn more about the festival:

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