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Visit the LIGNA 2021 in Hannover with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus company

Visit the LIGNA 2021 in Hannover with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus company
Ligna Hannover has existed as an entity since 1975, and its editions take place every two years. LIGNA fair is a pioneer of standards and trends in the wood and forestry industry. Every two years exhibitors present a 360-degree lineup of products, tools and equipment, covering sawing machines, sawmill equipment, systems, timber, solid wood processing, wood panel and veneer production, crafts and furniture manufacturing. LIGNA Hannover has always been the focal point for most visitors. Coach Charter Europe will be your bus partner during the LIGNA 2021 in Hannover for safe bus rental transport between the exhibition center and Hannover city center.

LIGNA 2021

The next edition of LIGNA will run from 27 September until 1 October 2021 at Hannover Fairground (Deutsche Messe AG), Hannover, Germany; it will focus on the digital transformation of the woodworking industry, prefabrication processes in timber construction as well as the bioeconomy. These three focus topics will be reflected at individual exhibition stands as well as throughout the various forums and special displays – as well as at the LIGNA Guided Tours.

LIGNA, as the most important trade fair for the woodworking and timber processing industry, provides innovative solutions in the field of machinery, plant as well as tools. Over 1,500 companies are expected to present their products in an exhibition area of 129,000 square meters. More than 93,000 visitors will come to the Hannover Fairground to meet them and learn about the latest trends. About 96% of them will be trade professionals.

As said earlier, over 1500 companies will exhibit the newest developments of theirs at the event, which will encompass seven distinct categories of products:

- Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production
- Surface Technology
- Wood-Based Panel Production
- Forestry Technology
- Sawmill Technology
- Energy from Wood
- Machine Components and Automation Technology

The event will also boast over 100 speakers who will present the latest developments in the industry and hold seminars as well as lectures on forestry and woodwork management.

Exhibitors' profile

Many exhibitors from all over the world will witness LIGNA Hannover. Some of the main exhibitors will be manufacturers of wood & technology, including machinery, equipment, accessories as well as equipment. Sellers and suppliers will also partake in the show. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their products through direct contact with visitors.

Why you need to go to LIGNA 2021

LIGNA provides everything visitors need for their businesses. Experts talk about a variety of current trends. Visitors can acquire background knowledge in daily Guided Tours. LIGNA 2021 will provide solutions for all aspects of primary and secondary wood production and processing, grouped into the following categories of displays: Energy from Wood, Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production, Wood Based Panel Production, Surface Technology, Sawmill Technology, Machine Components and Automation Technology, and Forestry Technology. The displays are going to be supported by a number of special events, which includes the LIGNA.FORUM, the Wood Industry Summit for the Forestry as well as Primary Wood Industry, the LIGNA Training Workshops with practical guidance as well as tips for carpenters, joiners, and cabinet makers, plus the Guided Tours program addressing specific themes.

Who you can meet

The LIGNA 2021 is going to bring to Hannover Fairground leading manufacturers and professionals from more than 100 countries, representing all branches of the industry and willing to invest in advanced forestry, wood processing as well as sawmills solutions. Automation technology will show how efficiency, safety and quality can be enhanced. The accompanying program is going to make LIGNA even more appealing as it will give attendees the opportunity to connect with potential customers and partners in the right place.

In preparation of your LIGNA 2021 visti in Hannover, we recommend to visit their official website.   

Exploring Hannover with style & comfort

No matter where you need to get to in or around the city of Hannover, from Hannover to any airports, hotels, resorts and any other locations, our Coach Charter Europe bus company is going to take you there. We're a family-run bus company for more almost 50 years. Coach Charter Europe provides chartered bus services in many European Countries.

When you are in Hannover and wish to move around, whether for an airport transfer, as directed ride between meetings or during a shopping trip, then you can book a bus with a driver at Coach Charter Europe. The driver of the chartered bus of yours is going to pick you up straight at the terminal and gate. In the same vein, you can use the tour bus service of ours for a one day tour or a multi-day tour through Europe and within a certain country.

In addition, when you have had to leave the car of yours behind, or perhaps if you wish to try out something different, allow Coach Charter Europe bus rental service to give you the drive you will never forget. The bus rental service of ours in Hannover is actually the proper way to travel in as well as around the city of Hannover. Should you require speed or taste for adventure, we can provide vehicles to meet any road requirements. 

Note: Our bus rental service covers all the bus rental purposes which include airport transfer, business travel, associations & clubs, congresses, exhibition & trade shows, events, private group tours, sightseeing tour, wedding tours, sports tours, faculty trips, etc.

Coach Charter Europe provides a range of vehicles to select from including modern, high-class vehicles that will be long-distance busses, small busses & limousines. Additionally, the bus of ours is a climate-friendly vehicle making it a very sustainable means of travelling.

Your transfer always starts exactly where the group of yours is arriving. You can book a bus with Coach Charter Europe by sending us your inquiry or call us at +49 5841 977 325 to speak with a representative who could help you by responding to some inquiries you might have.

LIGNA 2021 Hannover | Bus Hire | Coach Rental
Omer Ben-Zeev, CEO, Kishrey Tarbut Tevel
LIGNA 2021 Hannover | Bus Hire | Coach Rental
We are proud "users" of IRRO service for about 8 years. After working with different coach companies in the last 20 years, we came to the understanding about 8 years ago, that IRRO are the best. In terms of quick answers and quotations, flexibility, great buses and friendly drivers. Working behind the scenes with Karsten is a pleasure, and you feel like you have a partner and not a salesman in front of you. After the service asking how it went and where can we improve. That is unique… I have no doubt that if you are looking to charter a coach in Europe and are reading this now, That you need to send an email or pickup the phone, because you came to the right place.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

+600.000 Passengers per Year

+600.000 Passengers per Year

LIGNA 2021 Hannover | Bus Hire | Coach RentalOur Fleet

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