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Visit the Smart Country Convention 2021 in Berlin with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus company

Visit the Smart Country Convention 2021 in Berlin with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus company

Smart Country Convention Berlin

Located in one of the busiest cities and Germany's capital, the Smart Country Convention takes place in Berlin. For the coming year, 2021, this convention will be held from the 26th to the 28th of October 2021. The Smart Country Convention is a top event that aims at digitization of the public sector. Therefore, like many other top events, the Smart Country Convention will attract visitors worldwide to discuss how to digitize the public sector in their own countries. Events like these bring the high and mighty from various states and organizations that aim to get as much information as possible and use it to make the dream of digitization into a reality, not just a far-fetched mission that is impossible than improbable. Among the visitors that we would expect in such events are CEOs of various companies and their employees whom they have carried along to learn a few things from this convention. There might also be innovators who have built multiple tools that they see seem fit for the digitization process.

People at these conventions discuss the latest solutions, strategies put up in place, and the newest e-government, smart city, and regional trends. This discussion is very beneficial to companies and governments, and sending only one representative may not be the best idea. You need a team of more than just two people because whatever they would bring to the table from the convention is essential. Their interpretation differs; therefore, you have diverse views that can be incorporated into your digitization plans. However, the cost of accommodation and transportation for the entire team might cause a financial strain on your side. With your team coming into the convention at different times and from various locations using other means of transport, you might incur hefty losses, making the convention a waste of time. The result is your company not being able to move forward.

Coach Charter Europe is the answer to your problem, at least part of it. It would save you a great deal and a tremendous amount of money consumed under transport for each of your employees, or even other teams in the convention that might need daily transportation to and from the venue. You can book your own coach and driver depending on the number of people you have to cater for. It is less expensive compared to when you have to give every individual transport allowance daily. At Coach Charter Europe, you do not have to re-rent the bus every day; you can book for the entire period of the convention at a reasonable quote. We will offer our services diligently to and from the venue of the convention.We are also very reliable, so you do not have to worry about us not doing what we ought to; we are ever on our toes to ensure you enjoy our services. You are assured that your team will be punctual, considering that the convention is in the middle of a large city prone to delays due to traffic congestion. You and your team will effectively engage in discussions on sustainable technologies and urban planning, public administration, and municipal services. You also get to listen to speakers and innovators of the digital economy and science without having to worry whether your team will have enough money for transportation throughout your stay in Berlin. Coach Charter Europe will hook you up with a good, clean, and reliable bus service for all your transport needs in Berlin.

Smart Country Convention 2021 Berlin | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
Liz Allred, Program Director, Global Learning - Master's of Human Resources Program, Utah State University
Smart Country Convention 2021 Berlin | Bus Charter | Coach Rental
For several years now we have worked with Irro-Reisen coach company for our annual spring program in Europe. This year they helped us in Prague over several days of programming. We can highly recommend them for prompt, friendly, reliable, and professional services. We have never been disappointed. We absolutely trust them and rely on them in delivering the program we offer.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

+600.000 Passengers per Year

+600.000 Passengers per Year

Smart Country Convention 2021 Berlin | Bus Charter | Coach RentalOur Fleet

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