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Visit the Top 10 attractions in Brussels with Coach Charter Europe - your bus hire company partner

Visit the Top 10 attractions in Brussels with Coach Charter Europe - your bus hire company partner
Brussels, the capital of Belgium, and the seat of the European Union and NATO, is not only a city rich in history and architecture, but also a cultural and culinary center in Europe. Brussels is undoubtedly one of the really beautiful European capitals and is always worth a stopover.

Brussels is conveniently reachable by plane via Brussels Zaventem Airport and Brussels Charleroi Airport, or by train. Of course you can make your way around the city using public transportation. However, if you prefer to visit Brussels’ several landmarks in a more organized, comfortable and flexible way, you need to consider employing our bus charter services. Coach Charter Europe has been successful in the tour bus business for more than 40 years. As a family-owned bus company our goal is to deliver exceptional charter bus rental services tailored to your itinerary’s needs.

Whether you are in need of an airport shuttle transfer or full day charter bus hire for your sightseeing trips, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Coach Charter Europe’s charter bus rental team will assist you with any questions you might have regarding a tour bus hire. By hiring a coach with driver from our bus company Coach Charter Europe you will have high flexibility when it comes to taking all the different aspects of your trip into consideration. As Charter Bus Rental experts, we will be there for your every step of the way.

These are our Brussels Top 10 bus company suggestions for your upcoming trip:

1.    Grand Place

The Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Brussels' biggest tourist attraction, although its origins were far less glamorous. The region was just a swampy sandbar between two streams, known as "broke sella", which gave Brussels its name. The sandbar was recaptured and converted to Niedermerckt and sold French and English textiles, French wines and German beer. Many hundreds of years ago, wooden houses and also villas of wealthy families were built around this market, which made the market an important commercial and administrative center. The construction of the town hall in 1402 turned the area into a political center. Today, the Grand Place is a beautiful, wide-cobblestone square and the main vibrant market in Brussels.

2.    Hôtel de Ville – Town Hall

Please don't forget to visit the Gothic Hôtel de Ville in the Grand-Place. It dates back to 1402 and is the seat of the local government. It is an attractive building with arched windows, towers and adorned with sculptures, including St. Michael slaying the devil. If you feel energetic, climb the 96-metre high Brabantine Gothic Tower and enjoy the stunning views of the city.

3.    Heysel Park and The Atomium

Board your Coach Charter Europe tour bus and tell your driver to make a stop at the famous Heysel Park. The park, located in the west of Brussels, is dedicated to recreation and leisure. The Atomium is one of the highlights of the park. This is a glossy 102 meter high model of an atom made of chrome and steel by André Waterkeyn. It was designed to symbolize a new 'atomic age' at the 1958 World Fair and is an accurate representation of an iron molecule that has been magnified 165 billion times.

4.    Mini Europe

Mini Europe is a park located in the Bruparck next door to the Atomium. This 25-hectare leisure park offers several amusements and attractions and is the perfect location for spending a day with your family. You will have a lot to explore, for example a 27-year-old cinema complex called Kinepolis, an all-round Imax screen, a planetary and a water park called L'Oceade plus a variety of eateries in 'The Village.' The pride of the place, however, goes to the display of some of the most famous and symbolic buildings in the countries of the European Union at 1/25th of the original size. You'll see gondolas, a TGV train on its way to Paris, and you'll even hear the unmistakable chimes of London's Big Ben. This miniature European world is wonderful.

5.    Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

During your visit to Brussels, you would not want to miss the Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium. It is actually two museums in one. The Museum of Ancient Art founded by Napoleon is particularly well known for its display of the great works of Flanders. The other part is the Museum of Modern Art. It was added in 1984 and consists of eight floors, many of which are underground. They offer over 600 years of fine art, including paintings, sculptures and drawings.

6.    Manneken Pis

The cheeky, chubby “Manneken-Pis” statue is a major figure in Brussels folklore and is known around the world. Probably the most photographed statue in Brussels, though only 60 cm high. It was designed by Jerome Duquesnoy and is a small fountain where the water emerges from a tiny metal penis that the boy points out to the viewers.

7.    Comic STRIP Center

The wonderful Comic Strip Center is housed in the Warehouse of Wauquez, designed by architect Victor Horta. It is dedicated to the history of cartoons and comic strips in the country that gave the world The Smurfs and Tin-Tin. Here you will be taken on the journey that a comic book artist has to endeavor to create from concept to shop. There’s over 5000 original drawings, and houses an entire section dedicated to Belgium’s famous cartoon character hero “Tin – Tin”.

8.    The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is one of the landmarks of Brussels. The palace is the official residence of the Royal Family. When the Belgian flag, flown from the roof, it signals the presence of the sovereign, and Change of Guard ceremony takes place daily at 2:30 p.m. The palace is surrounded by a collection of cultural buildings with neoclassical facades. Two of the finest examples are the Palais des Académies, home of the Royal Academy and the Palais des Beaux-Arts.

9.    Coudenberg Palace Archaeological Site

One of the most unique things to do in Brussels is to explore this active archaeological site, which was rediscovered in the 1980s. The Coudenberg Palace was excavated to reveal the cellars and tunnels of the former Brussels Palace, as well as the forgotten streets that had been buried beneath the city for centuries. Visitors can explore the excavating site guided by free audio guides.

10.    Le Botanique

Historically, Le Botanique was the city's botanical gardens and still attracts a large number of guests today. The greenhouse, which dates back to the 19th century, now regularly hosts a wide range of performing arts events that makes the place feel more like a cultural center than just a lush garden. However, the wonderful gardens are still intact and in all their beauty offer a welcome change from the bustling city life.

You can gather there are a lot of places to discover in Brussels. Please approach our Coach Charter Europe bus charter team and find out about our charter bus rental services. Our bus company provides impeccable charter bus services all over the Brussels Metro area. Contact our Coach Charter Europe’s charter bus booking department and be amazed by the professional charter bus and airport shuttle bus fleet we are able to offer you for your perfect to trip Brussels.

Top 10 places in Brussels | Bus Charter | Coach rental
David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, Inc.
Top 10 places in Brussels | Bus Charter | Coach rental
My company, David McGuffin’s Exploring Europe, has partnered with Coach Charter Germany and Irro Reisen on several occasions. In all cases, their services have been professional, safe, and friendly. Working with the Irro family has been a pleasure! The coaches are late-models, clean and well maintained. Irro Reisen drivers are professionals and have been friendly and helpful with our guests. An added bonus for my company is the all quotes and transactions are in US Dollars, which guarantees my pricing will not change with currency fluctuations.

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Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Brussels | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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