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Visit the Top 10 attractions in Bucharest with Coach Charter Europe - your bus charter partner

Visit the Top 10 attractions in Bucharest with Coach Charter Europe - your bus charter partner
Bus Company by Coach Charter Europe will be delighted to show your group Bucharest, a city of culture in constant flux. Bucharest’s cityscape has been transformed by earthquakes, wars and one dictator's whims.  Chartered bus can drive you to a city of contrasts with its own special atmosphere; Oriental influences, Balkan aura and Western culture and lifestyle, combined with communist landscaping, French aristocracy's feeling of the 'old splendor' and an overwhelming Latin blood lust for life. Tour bus can show you that amazing Bucharest harbors surprises such as nice frescoed churches hidden in the shadow of blocks of plain communist flats. Many of these churches were destroyed in the 1980s when the town was reconfigured along the lines of a European Pyongyang, but others were preserved by moving to backstreets in one piece. Coach Charter Europe’s bus rental is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Bucharest.

You want to travel with group?  Bus rental service is the simple answer! Coach Charter Europe’s Chartered bus is best option to travel in Bucharest. Tour bus service will help you explore Bucharest and enjoy your holidays. Coach Charter Europe’s Bus Company kindly asks you to let group know about some of the planned activities, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Bucharest. Airport Shuttle will take care of your group transferring from airport to hotel and back. 

Do you need inspiration where to drive to in Bucharest? Please find here our top 10 places to explore in Bucharest: 

1. Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

Bus rental can take you to this museum which has more than 270 authentic historic buildings. Made of stone, wood or cob (clay and straw), these have been carefully dismantled and placed together at this site. These structures come from many corners of the world like; Banat in the west to Moldova in the east and Transylvania in the middle.

2. Old Town Center

Bus company has to acknowledge that it is probably the youngest Old Town center in the world, because Bucharest’s Old Town center is just a decade old! There are lots of Streets and streets of bars, restaurants, shops, and pumping music, all housed in new grand buildings. 

3. Parliamentary Palace

This is the largest administrative building by size in the world. It was built as a presidential residence with 365,000 square meters. Despite having reception halls, museums and government offices and the Parliament Chamber, it is still almost three-quarters vacant. Tour bus recommends you have to be inside to feel the full, astonishing size of this building by paying a visit to the Museum of the Palace, Museum of Communist Totalitarianism and the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

4. Romanian Peasant Museum

First opened in 1906, this highly-regarded folk’s museum opening to public was interrupted during the Communist regime era, but it reopened in 1990 within six weeks after Ceaușescu died.  Airport shuttle finds some of the museum sections now are dedicated to the history and culture of the Romanian countryside, summing up 400 years and presenting a jaw-dropping diversity of costumes.

5. Herăstrău Park

Chartered bus recommends visiting the largest park in Bucharest that borders the city to the north, and much of its area is taken up by the 74-hectare Herăstrău pristine Lake.

6. Stavropoleos Church

Tour bus recommends visiting Stavropoleos Church, probably the finest religious building in Bucharest. It has a stunning façade with multi-foil arches painted with arabesque foliate and tendril designs, and stunning capitals.

7. Revolution Square

Revolution Square, is the setting for all sorts of Romanian institutions. It got its name from the violent uprising that deposed Nicolae Ceauescu in 1989 and overthrew the Socialist regime of Romania. Bus Company has to remind that this was built as the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party  

8. Markets tour

Bus rental recommends Check out the Bohemian Maret Tour if you really like food, or if you want a more relaxed cultural experience. You'll try the famous 'mici' street snack in Bucharest and local beers from the country's craft breweries on this tour.  

9. Calea Victoriei

It's a sign of the importance and popularity of this street that there are many of the attractions and landmarks on this list are actually along its path. Chartered bus will be ready to introduce your group to this special route, which begins at Revolution Square in the north of Calea Victoriei, and continues all the way down to the Dâmbovița River.

10. Botanical Gardens

Chartered bus recommends you to visit this orchard with 5,000 plant species on 17 hectares. The Botanical Gardens are maintained by the University of Bucharest. 

Coach charter Europe airport shuttle still be able to drive and assist your group during all your travel time in Bucharest. Two airports connect to Bucharest: Henri Coandă Airport (Otopeni) and Aurel Vlaicu Airport (Băneasea). Airport shuttle by Coach Charter Europe will pick you and your group from both airports and any other place in and around the city. With our airport shuttle it will take just few minutes to reach the city center and enjoy your holidays in Bucharest. We are the airport shuttle that provides you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our airport shuttle service would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Bucharest
Send us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability in order to offer you the best price for your trip to Bucharest.

Top 10 places in Bucharest | Bus Charter | Coach rental
Liz Allred, Program Director, Global Learning - Master's of Human Resources Program, Utah State University
Top 10 places in Bucharest | Bus Charter | Coach rental
For several years now we have worked with Irro-Reisen coach company for our annual spring program in Europe. This year they helped us in Prague over several days of programming. We can highly recommend them for prompt, friendly, reliable, and professional services. We have never been disappointed. We absolutely trust them and rely on them in delivering the program we offer.

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Bucharest | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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