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Visit the Top 10 places in Cologne with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Visit the Top 10 places in Cologne with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company
Once you arrive at Cologne – Bonn airport then airport shuttle will be your kind host that will take you for unbelievable journey in Cologne. Our bus company will be delighted to show your group the cultural capital and University City with more than 2,000 years of history. Chartered bus can take you through Roman times where Cologne was in charge of a province. Tour bus can show you great museums and keep you in Cologne for days. Coach Charter Europe’s bus rental is genuinely your consistent support to ensure brilliant holidays in Cologne.

You want to travel with group?  Bus rental service is the answer! Coach Charter Europe’s Chartered bus is best option to travel in Cologne. Tour bus service will help you explore Cologne and enjoy your holidays. Coach Charter Europe’s bus company kindly let know about some of the planned endeavors, so preparations are arranged before the trip to Cologne. Airport Shuttle will take care of your group transferring from airport to hotel and back. 

Do you need inspiration where to go in Cologne? Find here our top 10 places to go in Cologne: 

1. Cologne Cathedral

Bus rental can take you to an international pilgrimage site. Since 1164 the Cathedral of Cologne has kept the relic of the Three Kings. Construction on a new gothic home for these precious remains started in 1248, and it was influenced by Northern France's ethereal cathedrals.

2. Street food festival

Street Food Festival, an exciting culinary world right in the heart of Cologne, is an aggregation of cultures, new ingredients, authentic cuisines and people with a taste for the finer stuff. If you want to enjoy food and drinks our chartered bus company recommends this is must visit place. 

3. Ludwig Museum

The Ludwig Museum was founded in the 1980s, exhibiting art from after 1900, in the new, purpose-built complex near the cathedral.  The attraction established in the 1970s after the Ludwigs, Peter and Irene donated a multi-million dollar collection of 20th century art. Bus rental will be best option to explore expressionist art by Erich Heckel, Kirchner, August Macke and Karl Schmidt-Rottluff.

4. Old Town

When you sail in the city's historic core from square to square, it's worth noting that three-quarters of Cologne was wiped out in the war. A tour bus needs to admit the antique world feeling nevertheless shines on streets and squares like Heumarkt and Altermarkt, also among the cutting-edge concrete post-battle buildings.

5. Botanical Garden

Our chartered bus recommends visiting Cologne’s loveliest park. There is 11.5 hectares of extensive lawns, gardens and greenhouses surrounding an impressive glass palace inspired by London's Crystal Palace, built in the 1860s.

6. KölnTriangle

The World Heritage status of the Cologne Cathedral ensures that no buildings can interfere too much with the skyline of the area. Its panoramic observation deck on the right bank of the Rhine offers a photogenic view of the old town, the cathedral towers and the 266-meter telecom tower of Colonius behind it. A tour bus informs the platform is open until 23:00, so it’s the best place to see the sun go down behind the cathedral.

7. Hohenzollern Bridge

The tiered-arch bridge between the cathedral and the KölnTriangle dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and when reconstructed after the war, it was limited to rail and pedestrian traffic only.  Our bus company has to admit that in the last decade the bridge has become another to be taken over by the “love locks” craze.

8. St Gereon’s Basilica

One of the 12 Romanesque churches in Cologne, St Gereon's Basilika is also the strangest. The dome is the largest built in the western world during the time between the 500's Hagia Sophia of Constantinople and the 15th century Cathedral of Florence.

9. St. Maria im Kapitol

This romanesque church in the Kapitol Viertel is on the spot where the ancient Roman Temple of Colonia once stood. In addition to the church’s tombs and marvellous wooden images, chartered bus recommends check out the explicit pietà (Christ on the cross) in the northeastern apse, which was carved in the 1300s and is remarkable for its expressiveness.

10. Beer Garden at Aachener Weiher

Bus rental company has to admit the Beer Garden at Aachener Weiher is one of Cologne's most famous beer gardens and a beloved outdoor venue, it is a complex place that accommodates visitors, joggers, cyclists and musicians all at once at its location in Hiroshima Nagasaki Park. 

Where to stay in Cologne? If you’re visiting the city for sightseeing or you’re short on time bus rental strongly recommend booking accommodation in the Historic City center.  The place is also perfect for nightlife, thanks to the many bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Coach charter Europe airport shuttle still be able take your group and assist your group all your travel time in Cologne. 
How to get to Cologne? 
Coach charter Europe recommends using plane. Your group can fly Cologne – Bonn airport. Coach charter Europe’s airport shuttle will pick you and your group from airport or any other place in and around the city. With our bus company it will take just little time to get inside the city and start to enjoy your holidays in Cologne. We are the tour bus that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group.  Our bus rental service would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Cologne. 
Sent us your inquiry now and we will check prices and availability for you in order to give you the best price for your trip to Cologne.
Your Coach Charter Europe team

Top 10 places in Cologne | Bus Charter | Coach rental
Chris Chan, VP of Operations, Rangate
Top 10 places in Cologne | Bus Charter | Coach rental
Since 2014, we have been utilizing Irro Reisen’s exceptional bus service. We are a group of woodworking professionals in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico touring European factories. The office is helpful in the planning stages. Our bus driver, Ian, has always provided us the utmost safe and professional service. The bus is also clean and very comfortable. We will see you again soon!

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Top 10 places in Cologne | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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