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Visit the Top 10 places in Heidelberg with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Visit the Top 10 places in Heidelberg with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company
Heidelberg is a historic university town that has remained unscathed in Germany since the 18th century, with the famous tourist attractions. Chartered bus has to admit Heidelberg is one of the most romantic cities in Germany, thanks to its picturesque riverside location. Bus rental will be able to show you historic old buildings and bridges, and the castle ruins that overlook the city center.

Hauptstrasse runs free of traffic through the Altstadt (old town), past the Palatinate Museum and the Renaissance buildings of the 16th century; next to it, along the Neckar River, is the Neckarstaden, where the art collection of the University of Heidelberg, the Stadthalle and the landing points for tour boats are located..The Bergbahn, a mountain railway run by Kornmarkt, helps to reach Schloss Heidelberg from the Altstadt. Our Coach Charter Europe bus company in Heidelberg will assist you with airport shuttle transfers or full day bus rental services. Our modern tour bus fleet offers you a wide range of chartered bus vehicles whether you are traveling in private, in a large group or in a business.

As Heidelberg experts and tour bus services, we want to give you some tips on what you should not miss on your trip to Heidelberg. Here are our top 10 places to visit in Heidelberg:

1.     Heidelberg Castle

Perched 80 meters above the Altstadt and Neckar is the former seat of the Prince Electors of Heidelberg, now one of the world's finest ruins. The castle began as a fortress in the 13th century but during the 15th and 16th centuries it was extended into a palace built for the imperial rulers of Heidelberg.

2.     Old Bridge

The Alte Brücke, which crosses the Neckar between the Altstadt district and Neuenheim on the right bank, dates back to 1788, during the reign of Elector Charles Theodore in its present form. This structure is the ninth bridge to be constructed at this site, though it is more than 200 years old. Chartered bus recommends visiting two sets of sculptures that embellish the bridge, one to pay tribute to Charles Theodore and one to the Roman goddess Minerva.

3.     Kurpfälzisches Museum

Heidelberg's Palatinate Museum is located in Palais Morass in the 18th century and includes painting, sculpture and applied arts, as well as archaeology recording the Lower Neckar Valley and Heidelberg's long human history as the Palatinate Electoral Residence. Bus rental guarantee that rooms furnished in 1700s and 1800s styles and rich in glassware are available.

4.     Deutsches Apotheken-Museum

In all 11 rooms at Schloss Heidelberg, a museum documenting the history of pharmacy and medical science in Germany is set. The museum has what is considered the world's largest collection of earthenware from the 18th century, as well as significant containers and equipment for majolica, faience and technological glass from the 1600s to the 1800s.

5.     Old town

The historic old town of Heidelberg lies in the shade of the Schloss Heidelberg remains. The Altstadt has many aspects that people love about the old German quarters; sociable squares with bar terraces on the Kornmarkt and Marktplatz, paved streets and a variety of historical landmarks. Chartered bus recommends visiting Gothic or Baroque churches or landmarks like the 1718 statue of Mary on Kornmarkt. One of the Altstadt's fascinating features is its typical Baroque look, due to fires caused by a French attack in 1693 during the Nine Years War.

6.     Heiligenberg

Bus rental recommends you take a detour off the Philosophenweg for a time to reach Heiligenberg. This 440-metre-high sandstone hill features the oldest housing signs from Heidelberg. You can also climb two observation towers: The Heiligenbergturm dates back to the 19th century, but it was built with blocks of sandstone from St Stephen's late 11th century monastery.

7.     Studentenkarzer

There is a small prison on Augustinergasse in a baroque building at the back of the Old University, where students have been briefly locked up for minor offences. The bus service encourages you to visit the Studentenkarzer because of the vandalism and the pictures students admire on the walls of the jail for their accomplishments.

8.     House of the Knight

Everyone who visits the Altstadt in Heidelberg needs a stop at this magnificent building, the oldest town burger home. The Haus zum Ritter was built in 1592 for the silk merchants Franziska and Carolus Belier, who left Valenciennes under Habsburg rule. Tour bus will remind you that it is the only burger house that survived the fire in Heidelberg in 1693 during the Nine Years War and only recently resumed its current function as a hotel, even though it operated as a guest house 300 years ago.

9.     Neckarwiese

The biggest green space in central Heidelberg is idyllically located on the right hand side of Neuenheim. The Neckarwiese cuts inland for 50 meters in length, and between its large lawns are alder groves, lime trees, poplars and willows, as well as chestnut-traced avenues. The park is full of happy citizens, picnics and barbecues are served during warm summer days.

10.  Heidelberg Zoo

Of course, the Heidelberg Zoo is worth a visit, particularly if you're traveling with the kids. Bus rental has to admit in the Zoo is the Oldest Botanic Garden in Germany. This zoological park includes over 1,100 animals on the north side of the Neckar River, including 250 species.

At Heidelberg there are quite a lot of places to check out. Our bus company is always pleased to deliver excellent chartered bus services, customized to your needs. Heidelberg has no own airport, but if you need to travel from Frankfurt Airport or Stuttgart Airport to Heidelberg city centre, our airport shuttle will be pleased to join your party. The Coach Charter Europe Bus Company in Germany and Heidelberg offers excellent charter bus services. Whether it is airport shuttle trips, regular charter bus rentals or even dinner transfers at night, please contact our support team at Coach Charter Europe and hire a bus with driver for your next trip to Heidelberg.    

Top 10 places in Heidelberg | Bus Charter | Coach rental
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Top 10 places in Heidelberg | Bus Charter | Coach rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for a number of years now and the cooperation has always been excellent. Their fleet of coaches is excellent and the drivers are very friendly and experienced. Should you ever require anything else, there is an excellent office support. Nothing is too much trouble and Irro Reisen go out of their way to ensure the customer is happy.

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Top 10 places in Heidelberg | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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