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Visit the Top 10 places in Interlaken with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company

Visit the Top 10 places in Interlaken with Coach Charter Europe - your bus company
Interlaken is a great base from which to see the best of the spectacular scenery of central Switzerland while enjoying the comforts of a chic lakeside resort. A tour bus kindly will show your group Interlaken which is one of Switzerland's oldest, best known and most famous summer vacation resorts. The chartered bus has to admit day or night, there's plenty to do in and around Interlaken. With a whole network of trains, funiculars, boats and cable cars at your fingertips, Interlaken can be your springboard for trips to the Bernese Alps, dominated by three enormous peaks: Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch.
If you want to live near the majority of historic houses, restaurants, and bars in the heart of Interlaken, then Interlaken City is the perfect option for you. Our bus rental company recommends it is the best place for visitors who are involved in nightlife during their visit to Interlaken with many bars and nightclubs in the city center. A bus company will help you with assistance choosing pick up locations.   

If you decide visit Interlaken with a group Coach Charter Europe is your best bus company partner. We are a family-owned bus company our quality is based on 40 years of experience. Our drivers are professionals in their work. Through our airport shuttle, we can provide transfers from airport to hotel and can provide daytrips through our tour bus.

Here are our bus company’s top 10 places visiting Interlaken: 

1. Harder Kulm

The view from the Harder over Interlaken and both of the lakes is impressive. Below the bridge over the Aare River, next to the Harder Alpine Wildlife Park, the Harder-Kulm funicular climbs up the Harder to an altitude of 1,322 meters at a 64 degree gradient. A chartered bus recommends enjoy panoramic restaurant up here in a Romantic medieval style.

2. Schynige Platte

Wilderswil on Interlaken's southern outskirts is the northern terminus of a 115-year-old rack railway that snakes into the Bernese Alps. The Schynige Platte Railway is still one of the highest lines in Switzerland, given its age, and it goes without saying that the views of peaks and mountain pastures are incredible. Our bus Company proposes to visit Alpine garden, with 650 flowering plants. 

3. Lake Thun

In the west is Lake Thun, whose color is deep blue and which catches the prevailing breeze. So no wonder windsurfers and sailors love this lake, while the shore, surrounded by woodland, is dotted with swimming areas to attract you in the summer. A bus rental recommends this is a sight that needs to be contemplated slowly, so catch a steamboat over the lake and spend some time in Thun.

4. St Beatus Caves

Right above Lake Thun's northeast is a chain of karst cave that got its name from Beatus, the sixth-century Irish monk. According to legend, a scary fire-breathing dragon lived in the caves in the Middle Ages. Saint Beatus met him with the cross and called the Holy Trinity. Thereupon the dragon fled and rushed into the lake of Thun and drowned. Saint Beatus is said to have built his cave in the cave and lived there until his death. The caves have a kilometer-long walkway, spectacular chambers where you can find strange concretions, deep chasms and underwater cascades. The chartered bus recommends visit the restaurant there which is in a loggia gazing out over Lake Thun and its mountain backdrop.

5. Höheweg

This street and promenade is like Interlaken's backbone, diagonal and parallel to the Aare, flowing from Lake Brienz to Lake Thun. Walking in the direction of Unterseen, the left side of Höheweg remains unbuilt. A tour bus suggests enjoying line of flower gardens and parks like Höhematte which leaves clear views to the Bernese Alps.

6. Weissenau Nature Reserve

On the east shore of Lake Thun, just outside Unterseen, you'll find a moment of peace and quiet away from the tourist trail and souvenir shops. The Weissenau Nature Reserve is a wetland with panoramic views of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Hire a coach with the driver in our bus company and feel free enjoying trip to this famous reserve. 

7. Funky Chocolate Club

The Funky Chocolate Club provides a rare and delicious chocolate-infused experience for a respite from all of the outdoor activity. They offer not only hot chocolate but also chocolate fondue and customers can make their own coconut treat.

8. Alpine Dairy

Get up bright and early and take a tour of an authentic Alpine dairy along the winding mountain road to Beatenberg. A bus rental has to inform tours are issued in the morning only first thing, starting at 07:15. Before meeting the "dairyman," you must set out on a vigorous walk in the pasture to see the herd with a guide. He will take you behind the scenes of a real Emmental dairy, and at the end of the tour, the cheese here will await you on the table for a traditional breakfast.

9. Panoramabrücke Sigriswil

The latest panoramic footbridge on Lake Thun above is part of a program to make the lakeshore even more pedestrian-accessible. It rises over the Gummi Gorge 180 meters and is 330 meters long. Our chartered bus company can promise you’ll never tire of the view of the Bernese Alps looming over the deep blue of Lake Thun

10. Winter Sport

Now, Interlaken is not a ski resort per se, but its facilities, location and transportation links make it a perfect place to schedule skiing or snowboarding during the winter for day or two. Ask our Charter bus service by Coach Charter Europe for opportunity to travel and enjoy winter sport in Interlaken.

Coach charter Europe's airport shuttle will pick you and your group from Berne Airport (BRN) or any other place in and around the city.  But there is more possibilities how to get to Interlaken. Airport shuttle service also recommends Zürich Flughafen and  Bahnhof . With our airport shuttle it will take about 2,5 hours to get inside the city and start to enjoy your holidays in Interlaken. We are the airport shuttle service that gives you flexibility while you can create your individual tour with your group. Our airport shuttle service would be the wise partner to have when taking airport transfers in Interlaken. 
Find out about the possibilities to travel to Interlaken right now! 

Top 10 places in Interlaken | Bus Charter | Coach rental
Nicole Gibbons, Tour Manager Sights and Soul Travels, LLC
Top 10 places in Interlaken | Bus Charter | Coach rental
We have worked with Irro Reisen for many years now, using both their transportation and guiding services throughout Europe. They have many sizes of bus to choose from and they are all comfortable. The drivers are always on time, polite, friendly and know exactly where they are going. The guides are very knowledgeable as well. A truly great and high quality company!

Family-run company

Family-run Company

50 years of experience

50 years of experience

+600.000 Passengers per Year

+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Interlaken | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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