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Discover the Top 10 attractions in Slovenia with Coach Charter Europe - your trusted bus company

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The republic of Slovenia is the destination of all nature enthusiasts, outdoor sports, and outdoor activities’ lovers. Slovenia is practically made of natural green forests spanning around 60% of the country, and mountains around 30% of the country, plus a little Adriatic Sea access. Having so many natural green forests makes the country one of the greenest in Europe.

Slovenia has a small population of a couple of million people with the capital Ljubljana is only very few hundred thousands population. However, Slovenia when joining the EU managed to develop an advanced services economy, with a well educated populace. The Slovenian Republic is a member of several international organizations Like the UN, the EU, and the Schengen Area.

The Slovenian blessed landscape offers abundance of opportunities to practice and enjoy outdoor sports with Skiing as the most popular, and of course, hiking, cycling, water rafting, caving, canoeing, horse riding, and also swimming at the fresh lakes or the Adriatic Sea beaches in warm weather. Slovenia proves to be a magnet for the athletic and young at heart to enjoy the outdoors at any physical level they wish. 

Irro Charter can recommend the following top 10 attractions for your itinerary when touring Slovenia:

1- Vintgar Gorge Park in Lake Bled region

While visiting this beautiful natural wonder, you will go across the Radovna River, waterfalls, pools, and rapids, but the top prize would be the wood bridge/walk path through the heart of the Gorge with breathtaking views. Please make sure you are prepared for the 4 Km walk from Bled to the Gorge with comfortable and anti-slippery and anti-water shoes and raincoats.

2- Postojna Cave in Postojna

The Spectacular and huge Postojna cave is a must see when you visit Slovenia. Make sure you have warm jackets and tough shoes for rough terrane. After the electric train, you will go through the Galleries, halls, tunnels, icicles, stalagmites, and stalactites that are a couple of million years old and with wonderful shapes and colors.

3- Praetorian Palace in Koper

The Praetorian Palace is the icon of the city of Koper in the southwest of Slovenia. It was built in the fifteenth century with Gothic Venetian architecture style. Now services as the seat for the local city authority and the town hall. The heritage exhibitions are on the ground floor for visitors to enjoy and see the centuries old artifacts and development of koper.

4- Posavje Museum in Posavje

The Posavje museum is housed on the 2nd floor rooms in the Brežice Castle. This archaeological museum covers periods from around seven hundred years before Christ was born, with Bronze era, Celtic era, and Roma era exhibitions.

5- Podsreda Castle in Kozjansko Region

This Castle was built on a hill in the Kozjansko province since the twelfth century. The inside of the Castle wings and rooms with most of the furniture from the past times will give you a great picture of how this fort had endured and still standing today. 

6- Venetian House in Piran

This beautiful red colored Venetian house, built in the fifteenth century by a merchant from Venice to his local lover. The merchant owner commissioned the builder for a statue of a lion to be on the forefront of the house with a banner (Lasa pur dir) meaning (let them talk).

7- Green Gold Beer Fountain in Celje

This fountain is located at Žalec just west of Celje which is considered the world's initial beer fountain. You will need to buy a special glass that will allow you to have maximum six fills before you need to pay extra. There will be four different bear brands and tastes to choose from.

8- Lipica Stud Farm in Lipica,

The Lipica stud farm is legendary for its beautiful white horses that are famous for their stunning performances in dancing with riders to the great Austrian Waltz. At the complex you can visit the Lipikum museum, or attend the special training sessions, or enjoy a carriage ride around the wonderful farm.

9- Beekeeping Museum in Radovljica

To emphasize the rich tradition of beekeeping and honey producing in Slovenia, the Apiculture museum has a great collection of different beehives dating back to more than three hundred years, with some designs only found in Slovenia.

10- Križna Cave in Lož Valley

The Križna (Cross) Cave is one of the wonder water caves renowned for its amazing water colors and fossils that you can explore with a boat ride. The cave is huge with nine Kilometers in length, and offering twenty two mesmerizing underground lakes. Make sure to book way in advance as it is very popular and busy.


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Top 10 places in Slovenia | Bus Charter | Coach rental
Aaron Flanzraich, Senior Rabbi, Beth Sholom Synagogue, Toronto, Canada
Top 10 places in Slovenia | Bus Charter | Coach rental
I had the honour of leading a Synagogue tour covering three cities in Germany: Munich, Dachau and Berlin. This required seamless coverage for our transportation needs. From the initial contact with Irro Reisen and in particular Karsten the communication was courteous, professional and responsive. Upon landing in Germany to our departure a week later the drivers were accomodating, the buses were clean and modern, and the bus service became something we didn’t need to worry about. Which perhaps is the very best compliment one can provide!

Family-run company

Family-run Company

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50 years of experience

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+600.000 Passengers per Year

Top 10 places in Slovenia | Bus Charter | Coach rentalOur Fleet

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