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Visit the Top 10 locations in Vatican City with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus partner

Visit the Top 10 locations in Vatican City with Coach Charter Europe - your charter bus partner
Vatican City is a city-state located in the Italian capital Rome, the seat of the Pope and the center of the Roman Catholic Church and contains countless famous works of art and buildings. The Vatican Museums are home to Roman sculptures such as the Laocoon Group (depicting Laocoon and his Sons), the Raphael Rooms with Renaissance frescoes, and the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's ceiling paintings. 

Located in Rome, Italy, the Vatican City has less than 1000 inhabitants and since 1929 is an independent state. Also known as the Holy See, it has been the residence of the Catholic pope from the 14th century onwards, and is the headquarters of worldwide Catholicism. Every year, about five million tourist seekers in this tiny city.

Coach Charter Europe’s bus company has been prospering in the coach charter marketplace for over four decades. Bus Company can provide options of a variety of bus rental sizes and services. Our charter bus  can pick you up from Rom to travel comfortably to your hotel in Vatican City. Another option is to rent a chartered bus with driver to visit all landmarks around Vatican City safely, and comfortably. Of course the option of having a coach with driver for multi-day trip visiting other cities, and crossing into neighboring countries by Rental Bus and Tour Bus is also possible. For all kinds of itineraries, Coach Charter Europe is the reliable transport to have when exploring Vatican City, and its beautiful surrounding areas. You can just send a request to Coach Charter Europe’s tour bus section by email and find more details about our charter bus services.

Coach Charter Europe can advocate top 10 points to be on your program when exploring Vatican City as follows:

1. Saint Peter’s Basilica

Built over St. Peter's grave, this is one of the world's largest churches. It is also one of the most stunning in the world. The new building was completed in the 17th century and constructed on top of a church of the previous 4th century. The entrance is open, but there is a dress code, and once in the interior you'll see three of the most famous masterpieces of all age: Berninoi 's 29 meter-high baldachin, which sits over the Papal altar, Michelangels Pieta and its magnificent Sistine Chapel. It takes about 120 years to complete and is a treasure trove of history. 

2. Saint Peter’s Square

Built in the 17th century by Bernini, St. Peter's Square is the main entrance to the Basilica and the Vatican City. Divided into two parts, Bernini wanted an impact that respected "the matrix of all the churches." There were 140 statues of Saintes along the balustrade, two magnificent wells, Michelangelo's Pieta, a wide promenade to the basilica and the St Peter's statues and St Paul's statues.

3. Sistine Chapel

Designed in the 15th century to serve as a private chapel for the pope and a place for the cardinals to elect new popes, the Sistine Chapel is a majestic sight. It is the most popular and prestigious attraction in Vatican City and shows Michelangelo's masterpieces on the ceiling and behind the altar. On the ceiling you can see famous Old Testament stories and behind the altar is The Last Judgment portraying the Second Coming of Christ and the Day of Judgment. The walls are decorated with frescoes by artists such as Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, R. 

4. Saint Peter’s Tomb

Below the modern-day basilica are the ruins of the original 4th century church. Excavations at this site uncovered what archaeologists assume to be the tomb of Saint Peter, who died between 64 and 67 AD. The bones of an elderly and powerful man were found in a box behind a wall there in 1942. The Vatican had never made a conclusive claim as to which bones they were, but Pope Paul VI claimed that the process of identification was 'convincing. 

5. Ponte Sant’Angelo

In the second century, Emperor Hadrian designed Ponte Sant'Angelo, a bridge intended to act as a grand entrance to his mausoleum, Castel Sant'Angelo. It means the Bridge of the Holy Angel and the River Tiber. It was Bernini who made it a masterpiece in the 17th century. He designed ten statues of angels, each bearing a symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, including a whip and a thorn.

6. Castel Sant’Angelo

The Mausoleum of Emperor Hadrian is known as Castel Sant'Angelo, and with its clunky round exterior, it is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Vatican City. It is now home to the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant'Angelo, which has a remarkable collection of sculptures , paintings, medieval weapons, and other military items. Once used as a fortress, there is a secret passageway, built in the 13th century, which provided escape for the other high clergy of the pope.

7.  Vatican Museums

Originally established in the 16th century by Pope Julius II, the Vatican Museums hold one of the largest collections of art in any world. Covering about seven kilometers of corridors, you'll see Egyptian mummies, Etruscan pieces, Renaissance masters, and modern art. Don't miss the classical statuary of the Pio-Clementino Museum and the Raphael frescoes. The museums are located in two palaces – the Vatican Palace and the Belvedere Palace. Inside you'll find three beautiful courtyards: the Cortile della Biblioteca, the Cortile della Pigna and the Cortile del Belvedere. It's difficult to see all in a day, so get ready in time to figure out what your 'can't miss exhibitions' are.

8. Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Saxia

This 8th century construction once housed Saxon pilgrims and later became a hospital complex of Pope Innocent III. Sixtus IV built a magnificent courtyard and two halls full of frescoes. Now privately run for conferences, a huge building is impossible to miss and inspires reverence in all those who visit.

9. See the Pope

If you're visiting on a Wednesday, you'll have the chance to see the Pope as his audience day on Wednesday. He makes his entrance in St. Peter's Square, and the reaction of the crowd is almost as fascinating as the sighting of the famous man himself. The Pope usually welcomes various visiting groups, says a prayer, blesses any religious objects that visitors have brought, and then finishes with a blessing. Much of the square is first served as a seat, so be sure to arrive early if you want a good spot.

10. The Sacred Grottoes

The Holiest Grottoes are the last resting place for the popes. Located below the basilica, if you look up at the dome while you're inside, you'll see the iron flooring. Some of the former popes who have been laid to rest here include Pope Hadrian IV, Pope Boniface VIII, Pope Paul VI. Pope John Paul II was buried here until he moved to the Chapel of Saint Sebastian in 2011 following his Beatification. 

Coach Charter Europe facilitates every step along the way in achieving perfect group transport. Bus Company places our decades’ long knowledge and awareness in the bus rental industry to provide your trip with the finest tour bus rental services. You are welcome to request your airport shuttle service, tour bus service, or long charter bus service from our online shop. Our modern fleet of charter buses with many sizes will provide the necessary transport for your group needs. Our bus company's Coach Charter Europe provides professional drivers as well as understanding booking team. We look ahead to receiving your inquest to provide you the appropriate transport quote for your Vatican City group travel needs.

Top 10 places in Vatican City | Bus rental | Charter Bus Rental
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Top 10 places in Vatican City | Bus rental | Charter Bus Rental
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Top 10 places in Vatican City | Bus rental | Charter Bus RentalOur Fleet

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